NINBEN Shiro Dashi 500ml


Tsuyu soja med dashibulljong

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Ninben’s shiro dashi liquid – white dashi stock – is a great all round Japanese cooking ingredient. Dashi stock is an infusion of kelp, bonito fish, and dried mackerel which brings a delicate Japanese flavour with a huge hit of umami savouriness to many Japanese dishes.

This concentrated clear dashi stock liquid is extremely versatile. Try any of the cooking ideas below:

  • Add a few dashes to bamboo shoots or other vegetables during cooking, to make an instant stir-fry sauce
  • Whisk together 2tsp shiro dashi stock, 3 eggs, 1 tbsp sugar, and 50ml water to make tamagoyaki, a Japanese rolled omelette
  • For a refreshing noodle soup, dilute 50ml shiro dashi in 700ml cold water. Add 100g sliced chicken thigh, bring to the boil and simmer for 10 minutes until cooked. Add cooked noodles for 2 people to warm through together with chopped spinach or greens. Remove from heat and divide between two bowls to serve with an umeboshi plum.

Ingredients: Water, salt, sugar, hydrolysed soy protein (defatted soybeans, salt), alcohol, flavour enhancer: E621, soy sauce (water, defatted soybeanswheat, salt), dried fish, brewed vinegar, dried fish, flavour enhancers: E631, E627, flavouring, kelp. Once opened, keep refrigerated. Allergens are listed in bold.


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